Our passion and love for tu wheels started in the early 80’s, from building “race tracks” on the front lawn, to competing at local race meetings…….

once you throw your leg over a bike and go fast, there’s no looking back!

From BMX to Motocross, Mountain biking to Road cycling, or twisting the throttle on open roads, racing and going fast will always be a big part of who we are today

Life on tu wheels is way more than just riding, its everything that comes with it, the life long friends you make, traveling to new destinations, experiencing different walks of life, and all the coffee and beers you drink along the way, Tu Wheels Co is a lifestyle!!

We took a break for a few years but now WE’RE BACK!!!

Tu Wheels Co, established in 2006 – reinvented for 2021, built from a passion of riding and a keen eye for design.